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10 thoughts on “Smooth Operator

  • Cool project!

  • This is great, thanks for sharing. I have an old sound card with all of the circuitry all set up. It will be interesting to try using it as it is on the sound card but adding your control stuff.

    • I’m not totally sure how to control the ISA bus with an Arduino, but I’m sure there is a way. I think that’s basically what you would have to do in order to interface with the sound card vs. the sound chip itself. Good luck and let me know if it works!

    • That’s pretty cool! What sound chip are you using?

    • Really cool YouTube site btw. There are some pretty sweet projects on there, and the OPL4 device is especially impressive. I would be way too intimidated to take that on!

  • I have used the YMF262 in some of the modules, but for this module I used the YMF704 chip (Wavetable mode)

  • Hi, I’m currently doing battle with the YMF262 in 4 op mode, I don’t suppose you’d be able to share your Arduino code?
    I’m trying to figure out which operators are connected to which voice/channel, the YMF262 datasheet is difficult to follow.

    • The operator layout of the YMF262 should be very similar to the YM3812, but to get to op 3/4 of a voice you need to turn on the second address pin. Check out the article series for the YM3812–especially the first couple of episodes and you should get a good feel for how the registers are laid out. On the YMF262, the OP3/4 addresses should be the same as their op1/2 counterparts.

      I’d send you the code for this module, but honestly, it’s a mess and you’d likely be better off adapting the YM3812 code instead.

      Also, make sure to turn on the output channels for the operators in both banks. I made that mistake and it drove me crazy when only two of the operators would generate sound. Anyway, good luck and let me know if you get it to work!

  • Thanks, I have it mostly working, are you planning to sell your PCBs?
    Would be super nice to have one.

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